Desiccant Dryers

The PNEUDRI MXLE compressed air dryer has been specifically designed to provide all of the benefits of the PNEUDRI MX heatless adsorption dryer with the additional benefits of lower energy costs and lower environmental impact via its vacuum regeneration method, allowing around 17% more of the generated clean, dry compressed air to be used across the plant.

PNEUDRI MXLE compressed air dryer Includes pre and post OIL-X filters which have been third party tested in accordance with ISO12500-1 / ISO8573-4 resulting in delivered air quality in accordance with ISO8573-1.

The modular construction allows greater flexibility; like PNEUDRI MX, models can be multi-banked to provide extra compressed air drying capacity should demand increase. This distinctive feature allows 100% stand by at a fraction of the cost of a traditional twin tower dryer and also allows individual dryers to be easily isolated for routine service work, whilst maintaining the plants clean, dry air supply. The PNUEDRI MXLE also offers the extra security of a full back up mode, in the unlikely event of a fault occurring with the vacuum pump, the dryer can be operated in full heatless mode to keep the plant operational.

At full load conditions, PNEUDRI MXLE has an average 60% lower energy consumption than a comparative heatless dryer and an average 39% lower energy consumption than a comparative heat regenerative dryer. These energy savings increase in periods of low air demand due to the integrated Energy Saving Technology (EST) which is fitted as standard.

The compressed air dryer is manufactured with materials of construction that meet FDA Title 21 and are EC1935-2004 exempt; meaning the PNEUDRI MXLE compressed air dyer is ideally suited for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and applications.

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