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When it comes to the types of air compressors that are available on the market, there are as many kinds as there are uses for an air compressor. An air compressor is a machine that converts power into kinetic energy by compressing and pressurising atmospheric air. This air is then released for use in tooling, instrumentation, and other process applications as an energy source. The choice of which air compressor is right for you largely depends on the industry that it is being used in, whether it’s a compact, relatively silent scroll air compressor for the workshop you’re after, or the centrifugal, which is used in large industrial facilities, petrochemical and utilities. Here at Cleveland Compressed Air Services, our wide selection of quality air compressors include:

Oil Lubricated Compressors

  • Boge Screw Compressors
  • Boge Piston Compressors

Oil Free Compressors

  • Boge Piston Compressors
  • Boge Screw Compressors
  • LENTO Water Injected Screw Compressors
  • Boge High Speed Turbo – Coming Soon
  • ALMiG Lento Water Injected Screw Compressors

When you buy a compressed air system from Cleveland Compressors, you are getting value for money in the form of highly reliable and quality equipment that is backed with quality servicing and a commitment to your process. We pride ourselves as solution providers, not just as distributors of products, which means that whatever your requirements, we will endeavour to provide you with the best possible solution from our vast, well-picked portfolio of products.

No matter how big or small your business or project, we are here to listen to your needs, and more importantly, to help. When it comes to sourcing air compressors in Perth, look no further than Cleveland Compressors.


BOGE Screw Air Compressors

BOGE Screw Air Compressors

BOGE Piston Air Compressor

BOGE Piston Air Compressor


LENTO Water-Injected Screw Air Compressor

LENTO Water-Injected Screw Air Compressor

BOGE Oil Free Screw Air Compressor

BOGE Oil Free Screw Air Compressor



Oil and Gas

Heavy Industry