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BOGE Oil Injected Screw Compressors
(8, 10 & 13 bar)


BOGE offers the following Variants in Oil Injected Screw compressor category:

  • C Series (Compact Modular Design)
  • CL Series (Direct Driven Compact range)
  • S Series (Belt Driven Screws)
  • SL Series (Direct Drive Screws)

Frequency Controlled Versions are available from 11kW to 200 kW and provide an energy saving potential like no other by matching the varying demand exactly.
Advantages of frequency control:

  • Smooth starting and stopping within seconds
  • Continuous volume flow control from 25 to 100%
  • Flexible adaptation of free air delivery
  • Reduced costs for wearing parts and maintenance
  • No start-up current peaks (energy saving!)
  • Constant net pressure +/- 0.1 bar (energy saving!)
  • Almost no idle operation (energy saving!)