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BOGE Screw Compressors

Precisely working single components along with complex system solutions are some of the reasons why BOGE compressors are quality products in demand. Technically mature – from the idea to their customer specific use – BOGE compressors incorporate reliable precision next to the highest quality standards and are never shipped until they have successfully passed the strictest quality controls.

BOGE Oil Free Screw Compressors (8 and 10 bar Direct Drive)BOGE Oil Free Screw Compressors (8 and 10 bar Direct Drive)

BOGE SO. Whenever oil-free air is required for specialized production processes – choose the SO Series oil-free generation.
If compressed air is oil-free from the start then you won’t have to purify it at the end. All BOGE oil-free screw compressors are divided into three clearly defined sections. This intelligent layout ensures longer service life and greater availability. Easy unhindered access for inspection and replacement, without having to remove other components, is a very maintenance-friendly concept.

BOGE forced air circulationBOGE forced air circulation

(i.e. water cooled system SO 150 – 480)

  • Control electronics, electrical components and the motor are all located in the coolest part of the machine.
  • Neatly laid out, allowing easy access to the two stage air ends.
  • The aftercoolers are situated one above the other in their own section.

SO with frequency controlSO with frequency control

Frequency regulation is optional. This way only the required amount of air is generated at a constant pressure thus saving energy. The frequency converter is either in a separate cabinet or integrated into the compressor. Use the SO when there is a fluctuating demand or as a standalone peak load compressor – ideally in conjunction with BOGE turbo compressors.

PRIME – the state-of-the-art highly efficient BOGE controlPRIME – the state-of-the-art highly efficient BOGE control

PRIME is the state-of-the-art highly efficient BOGE control. A large-scale, back-lit LC display with clear text output shows the fault and maintenance messages, operating modes and all operating parameters clearly arranged in three main displays. Volume flow and pressure characteristics are graphically displayed and freely scalable. Due to the modular design optional displays – like e.g. pressure dew point – can be easily added.

The PRIME control has an integrated real-time clock and a switch clock function enabling it to evenly control external equipment. Communication is achieved via RS 485 interfaces or potential-free signaling contacts.

 BOGE air ends, the compressors’ heart BOGE air ends, the compressors’ heart

All the BOGE oil-free screw compressors use a two stage Airend that guarantees very low specific power consumption. The motor drives the separate flange mounted stages – by belt or direct drive. Both compressor stages are designed for full load and intermittent operation. The shafts are continuously sealed by a series of chrome steel labyrinths and atmospheric venting. Especially plasma treated rotor surfaces are wear free and absolutely corrosion resistant.

BOGE air end bearings, dependable & durable

The air ends are designed for demanding operating conditions and are fitted with amply sized roller bearings. These special bearings eliminate the need for additional axial thrust compensation, thus eliminating a potential source of problems.

Technical features:

  • Copper bundle intercooler and aftercooler, maintenance-friendly for easy cleaning.
  • Replaceable stage bearings, no need to stock spare stages.
  • DIN and VDE switch cabinet with IP 54 protection, dirt repellent.
  • Three-phase asynchronous motor, ISO class F.
  • Additional motor reserves for challenging operating conditions.
  • Long service life of the motor due to installation in the cooling air intake section.
  • Nylon laminates fibre mat acoustic lining, noise damping, washable.
  • Connection to a HOC adsorption dryer with no external energy for pressure dew points to -40°C (optional for all BOGE SO series compressors).

Air and water cooled in BOGE quality for absolutely oil-free compressed air.

Frequency Controlled Versions are available from 11kW to 200 kW and provide an energy saving potential like no other by matching the varying demand exactly.

Advantages of frequency control:

  • Smooth starting and stopping within seconds
  • Continuous volume flow control from 25 to 100%
  • Flexible adaptation of free air delivery
  • Reduced costs for wearing parts and maintenance
  • No start-up current peaks (energy saving!)
  • Constant net pressure +/- 0.1 bar (energy saving!)
  • Almost no idle operation (energy saving!)
Units Effective FAD Pressure Range Rated Power
Metric 5.25 – 51.49 m³/min 8 – 10 bar 45 – 355 kW
Imperial 185 – 1818 cfm 115 – 150 psig 6 – 480 HP