Cleveland delivers precision and class zero air

Medical compressed air









Supplying compressed air systems to the medical industry is a delicate art; one that requires an innate understanding of the environment in which the equipment operates.

No wonder so many medical specialists trust Cleveland Air Compressors to satisfy their every requirement. No compromising, no second guessing.

Here at Cleveland Compressed Air Services, we are capable of supplying oil-­free breathing and medical air from oil‐free compressors and filtration (CO reduction also available).

Medical compressed air solutionWe can also supply the water injected screw compressors preferred by many medical and pharmaceutical centres in the form of LENTO series.

What’s more, our range of compressed air filtration is capable of delivering air to class zero and complies with AS/NZS 1715-2009 which is the applicable standard for breathing air in Australia.

Our steadfast commitment to quality gives our clients priceless peace of mind. We pride ourselves on supplying quiet, efficient compressed air systems that stand the test of time.

For a healthy compressed air service solution, make an appointment today to call Cleveland.