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Oil Free Air Compressors

When it comes to the types of oil free air compressors that are available on the market, there are as many kinds as there are uses for an air compressor. The choice of which oil free air compressor is right for your business depends on the industry that it is being used in. This means that the relevant industry would require an air compressor that is a compact, silent scroll air compressor for the workshop you’re after, or the centrifugal, which is used in large industrial facilities, petrochemical and utilities. Here at Cleveland Compressed Air Services, our selection of quality oil free air compressors includes:

For industries where the air that comes out needs to be completely oil free, oil free air compressors are used. These air compressors are more expensive to procure and do require more energy to produce the same amount of air. However, the lower maintenance of filtration and no oil change requirement of the air compressor will actually off set some of the costs. The oil free screw air compressors also have a limited life and drop in efficiency overtime owing to the Teflon coating required on the rotors for self-lubrication.

The water injected screw air compressors do not suffer from the same problem, as water is a very good replacement for lubricating oil. The oil free air compressors are also noisier but water lubricated machines have a lower noise output due to the dampening effect of water.

Centrifugal compressors are dynamic in nature and, therefore, are continuous flow units that are able to cater for large flow rate requirements in oil free and plant air applications. The centrifugal technology was originally limited to low pressure applications but these days medium to high pressure ranges are also catered for. The advantages of going with centrifugal compressors include oil free air production, low specific energy requirement, low maintenance and high reliability.

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