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BOGE Piston Air Compressors

Precisely working single components along with complex system solutions are some of the reasons why BOGE piston air compressors are quality products in demand. Technically mature – from the idea to their customer specific use – BOGE piston air compressors incorporate reliable precision next to the highest quality standards and are never shipped until they have successfully passed the strictest quality controls.

At Cleveland Compressors, we are proud to be Western Australia’s largest independent provider of air compressors, compressor products and services. Our range of piston air compressors is especially popular and used in various industries for purposes including tooling, instrumentation and other process applications as an energy source.

Our range of BOGE oil lubricated piston air compressors is offered as part of our wider range of air compressors.

BOGE Oil Injected Piston Air Compressors
(10, 15 & 35/40 bar)

BOGE offers the following Variants in Oil Injected Piston category:


  • SRD 125/250
  • SBD 125/250
  • SRD 350 – 1000
  • SBD 350 – 1000

BELT Driven

  • SB/SBM
  • SC
  • RM/RH

SRMV/SRHV Booster Series