Parker Transair Wireless Technology Powered By Scout™

Parker Transair Wireless Technology Powered By Scout™

Transair wireless technology powered by SCOUT™ technology helps you keep your system healthy and operating efficiently.


TransAir Wireless Technology Compressed Air System Condition Monitoring – Engineering your success.

Advanced Compressed Air System Condition Monitoring.

Having accurate, timely readings on the performance of your compressed air piping system can mean the difference between identifying a problem before it occurs, or incurring added costs for equipment repairs…not to mention lost revenue.

SCOUT consists of a wide range of sensors that provide consistent and accurate readings for pressure, temperature, humidity, power, and flow. The system collects data so you can take the necessary steps to optimize your compressed air equipment and your system’s performance. The easy-to-use web-based interface also alerts the user to unexpected conditions that may damage components and equipment over time.

SCOUT Technology puts vital information and analytics in the palm of your hand to ensure your compressed air system is running at optimum levels. Let SCOUT Technology MONITOR your Transair wireless technology compressed air piping system, ALERT you to system changes, and provide DATA that helps reduce downtime and increase productivity.

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