Compressed air energy audit provides huge savings

Find out how we helped Aqua Leisure tech save $53,0000 per year


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Cleveland Compressed Air Services have been providing individual compressed air solutions for a wide range of industries since 1994. From international oil companies to local small businesses, we provide and distribute industrial and commercial air compressors and related quality products and services.


Our solutions encompass not only compressed air equipment and spare parts, but also blowers, chillers, dryers, even energy audits to optimise efficiency. We also source our equipment from high calibre manufacturers such as Boge, Roots Lobe, and Transair.

At Cleveland Compressed Air Solutions we pride ourselves on the Australia-wide team of expert technicians we have on hand to lend support both for servicing and emergency situations.

At Cleveland Compressed Air Solutions, we understand that our quality solutions must be as unique as the businesses we serve. We work with you to determine your compressed air requirements. We can provide bespoke solutions not only for a range of air compressors but also industrial water chillers, compressed air dryers and a range of compressor parts & accessories. We are on hand right from the initial consultation through to after sale service and support.



We take pride in crafting quality individualised solutions as unique as our customers. Cleveland Compressed Air Services provides life saving equipment to medical operations, safety promoting products to oil, gas, and mining, but also products and support to small business. Our customers can then access a network of partners across Australia for service and support. We even offer low cost energy audit services to help optimise your efficiency. Regardless of who you are or what you do, we believe that your success is our success.

Looking for solutions to compressed air or energy problems?  Please call us at +61 8 9452 3669, email us at or contact us online.



We call them SCAITS. We demonstrate these values in everything we do. They are ingrained into everyone who is part of our business. They are what make us the go-to solution when Australians want dependable products and reliable service.

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We know that your business looks for every competitive edge in a tough marketplace. Reducing the cost of energy overhead is a challenge and we offer quality solutions through high calibre products and services. At Cleveland Compressed Air Services, we believe that your success is our success. That is why we provide top notch solutions and support to businesses using our quality products, whether through purchase or hire. After purchase or hire, our stellar customer care draws from a nationwide network of manufacturer trained technicians, ready to serve you 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Ready for solutions to compressed air or energy problems?  Please call us at +61 8 9452 3669, email us at or contact us online.