Customised Solutions

At Cleveland Compressed Air Services, we aren’t just a distributor of compressed air equipment. We don’t just provide products. We provide solutions, which we back up with quality products, quality installations, and quality service and repairs. Our clients don’t just get air compressors, they get an answer to their problem, the equipment and product to fix the problem, and the 24/7 assistance to maintain the fix and to ensure that their business operates at peak productivity– all through one window.

We also don’t pigeonhole our clients. We know that no two businesses are completely alike and that in fact, a company’s competitive edge arises from how it does things differently from the others. The products and service contracts must be the best for that company’s business practices, budget, and objectives.

On a micro level, we also know that the equipment that will optimise one set of operations–or specific site–must be the best option in that particular environment. Our expert service technicians carefully consider all the physical conditions and the other details of operation so they provide their expertise on things like:

  • Weatherproofing
  • Skids
  • Containerisation
  • Cyclone proofing
  • Special voltages
  • Oil free compressors or water injected compressors
  • Filtration and dryer packs

That’s why Cleveland Compressed Air Services is able to deliver a customised solution that makes your operations more energy and cost efficient, more productive, and in the end, more profitable. Our business is making your compressed air project run better so your business runs better.

Cleveland Custom Solutions for Client Projects

Our clients are diverse. Their projects can have very different needs. Here are just some examples of solutions we have been proud to deliver:

  • For CITIC Pacific Mining’s Sino Iron Project – at the time, the largest planned magnetite project in Australia, we supplied and commissioned 8 BOGE Compressors – 3 BOGE S151 (110kW Screw Compressors), 1 BOGE S180 (132kW Screw Compressor), 2 BOGE S61 (45kW Screw Compressors), 1 BOGE S271 (200kW Screw Compressor, and 1 BOGE SD20-2 (15kW Screw Compressor).
  • For Chevron, we supplied and commissioned three containerised instrument air packages. There were 6 BOGE 30kW Screw Compressors and associated filtration equipment that were modified per Chevron’s requirements. We used Transair Aluminum piping for interconnecting pipework.
  • For Houghton Winery, we conducted a compressed air energy audit and discovered that their compressed air demand was much higher during the harvest, which was only a few months a year. This meant that the rest of the year, the compressor was running offloaded and inefficiently. We installed a direct drive, variable speed BOGE SLF 75 compressor. Now the winery can run both profiles without all that wasted energy.
  • Railway Undercarriage Compressor System – For one client’s specs, we supplied direct drive compact units, complete with variable speed drives. We installed a BOGE CL10 Compressor mounted under the deck and a SLF75 in the carriage for rail grinding.
  • Customised Waterproofing Solution – We delivered a weatherproofing package on a S125-2 to cope with cyclone conditions. The package included Pre filter louvers with easy access for Pre filter changes. The Focus controller cover was designed to protect against sun and rain, and hot air discharge ducting was used to prevent rain from entering the oil cooler into the compressor.
  • Compact Skid Units. We designed and manufactured skids to accommodate a client’s Nitrogen generation skid. We’ve also developed skids to accommodate compressors, receivers, and dryers–fully piped, wired, and ready to install without the need for major foundation works.

We Can Find the Best Solution For You

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We know that your business looks for every competitive edge in a tough marketplace. Reducing the cost of energy overhead is a challenge and we offer quality solutions through high calibre products and services. At Cleveland Compressed Air Services, we believe that your success is our success. That is why we provide top notch solutions and support to businesses using our quality products, whether through purchase or hire. After purchase or hire, our stellar customer care draws from a nationwide network of manufacturer trained technicians, ready to serve you 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

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