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Catalytic Converters For Air Compressors

You might ask what does a catalytic converter do? In an air compressor system, the catalytic converter works to convert oil and other substances such as hydrocarbons into compressed air and CO2. The end result is oil-free condensate and air quality!

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters play an integral role in all air compressor systems. These devices help to convert oil, hydrocarbons, and other substances into compressed air and carbon dioxide. The end result is oil-free condensate and greatly improved air quality.

Catalytic converters offer numerous advantages over oil compressors, with the quality of the compressed air not dependent on the hydrocarbon content of the surrounding air. You can find three way catalytic converters in most cars on the roads today.

At Cleveland Compressors, our catalytic converter products are designed for industrial applications. Our products are not dependent on the temperature and humidity of reprocessed compressed air, which leads to much cleaner air and greatly improved results. We are the leading Australian provider of air compressors, so you can rely on industry-leading products and friendly expert advice.

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Catalytic Converters

Frequently Asked Questions

A catalytic converter is a special exhaust system designed to control emissions and improve air quality. Mostly known for its use in automobiles, this device also plays a central role in air compressor systems.

Catalytic converters function as an exhaust emission control device. They perform a combustion process to convert toxic exhaust gases and pollutants from internal combustion engines - such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and more - into much less toxic pollutants such as carbon dioxide.

Some of the converters that perform this are known as an oxidation catalyst and a reduction catalyst, although this can differ depending on a number of factors - such as petrol or diesel engines.

When used with air compressors, they help to remove contaminants and improve overall air condition within the exhaust pipe of a fuel tank.

When selecting a catalytic converter for your air compressor system, it's important to think about potential contaminants and air purity levels based on the application in question. While no single process or product is capable of delivering high-quality compressed air, catalytic converters play a central role in the purifying process.

Air compressors draw in lots of atmospheric air, with contaminants needing to be continuously filtered and removed. Different environments have different contaminants, from water and oil to dirt, microorganisms, and rust.

When used with an air compressor system, catalytic converters need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Whether you're working in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, biotechnology, or electronics industries, stringent air quality standards need to be met through regular cleaning.

The cleaning frequency is dependent on the product in question, with annual maintenance or more recommended by most manufacturers. Unlike catalytic converters in vehicles, these industrial designs are made to be cleaned.

When installed in an industrial setting, a clean catalytic converter offers a wide range of performance and safety benefits. This device helps to eliminate oil-free compressed air, and it also assists in minimising bacteria, fungus, and microbial content in compressed air. If your business has sensitive production or processing demands, a catalytic converter is an essential addition to your facility.

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