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Compressor Chiller Units

Cleveland Compressed Air Services offer a range of industrial water chiller units for use in a variety of industrial applications. Our compressor chiller units can ensure your fluid is always sustained at the correct temperature. Together, we can increase the reliability, efficiency and growth of your business.

Compressor Chiller Units

Compressor chiller units play a vital role across industry sectors. From medical imaging and healthcare to plastic manufacturing and food production, our industrial chillers are designed for all industrial cooling needs. Properly installed and with regular maintenance, these cooling equipment help to enhance the reliability, efficiency, and growth of your operations.

As the leading Australian provider of industrial water chillers, Cleveland Compressors offers quality products and exceptional service. When you’re dealing with sensitive applications, control over temperature is absolutely critical. As the leading Australian provider of industrial water chillers, you can rely on quality products and friendly service.

If you’re looking for a compressor chiller unit for your business, please contact Cleveland Compressors today.

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At Cleveland Compressed Air Services, we pride ourselves on providing our Australian clients with the best products and services in the compressed air industry. We offer customised solutions, high-quality products and a friendly company culture built on core values such as integrity, social responsibility and accountability.

As one of Australia’s leading chiller unit providers, we recognise the importance of providing high-quality air applications and machinery and professional and timely support. If you’re interested in learning more about our range of chiller units, please call us today on (08) 9542 3669, email us at or contact us online.

Compressor Chiller Units

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting a chiller unit, prioritising the most critical considerations can streamline your decision-making process. Here are the top five factors to focus on:


Reliability and Maintenance

The chiller's reliability is crucial for continuous operations. Look for models known for their durability and ease of maintenance. Consider the availability of service support and spare parts, as well as the simplicity of accessing internal components for repairs and routine maintenance.


Capacity and Size

Determine the right cooling capacity for your application. This involves assessing the heat load, the inlet temperature of the coolant, and the desired output temperature. Additionally, consider the physical size of the chiller and the space available for installation.


Energy Efficiency

Evaluate the energy efficiency of the chiller, as this directly impacts operational costs. Look for chillers with high Energy Efficiency Ratios (EER) and Coefficients of Performance (COP) to ensure lower energy consumption and cost savings over time.


Compressor Type

The type of compressor – such as screw, centrifugal, reciprocating, or scroll – plays a significant role in the chiller's performance and is suited to specific applications and capacity requirements. Choose a compressor type that aligns with your cooling needs and efficiency expectations.


Cost Considerations

Factor in both the initial purchase price and the long-term operating costs, including energy consumption and maintenance expenses. Opting for a more efficient chiller may be more expensive initially, but are more cost-effective in the long run due to lower energy bills and maintenance costs.

Chiller systems are essential for temperature control and industrial cooling, but you need to choose the right equipment to meet the demands of your application.

Water Chillers
These are typically used in applications where cooling of equipment or products is needed. This can include air conditioning systems, plastic manufacturing, medical imaging machines, lasers, and brewing equipment. Water chillers are used in instances where the equipment is not sensitive to moisture and where the chiller can be placed relatively close to the equipment being cooled.

Oil Chillers
Typically used for cooling machinery or processes that require oil, such as hydraulic systems, metalworking machinery, and electric discharge machines (EDM). Oil is used because it can withstand higher temperatures than water, provide better lubrication, and has better heat transfer properties in certain situations.

Cooling Medium
This is the most obvious difference. A water chiller uses water as a cooling medium, while an oil chiller uses oil.

Operating Temperature
Oil chillers typically operate at higher temperatures compared to water chillers. This is because oil has a higher boiling point and can withstand higher temperatures than water before it starts to degrade.

Corrosion and Maintenance
Oil chillers generally require more maintenance than water chillers because oil can be more corrosive, leading to more wear and tear on the equipment. Oil also requires more regular changing and filtering compared to water and can lead to more costs in the long run.

Water chillers are typically less expensive than oil chillers. This is partly due to the fact that water is cheaper than oil and partly because oil chillers are more specialised and therefore often cost more to manufacture.

The quality of cooling water in industrial water chiller systems is extremely important. Poor water quality can lead to scaling, corrosion, and fouling, which can decrease efficiency and increase maintenance needs. It is crucial to use treated water and to regularly monitor water quality to ensure the longevity and efficient operation of the chiller.

The refrigerant charge in a compressor chiller unit is critical for its performance. An incorrect refrigerant charge can lead to reduced efficiency, higher energy consumption, and potential damage to the compressor. Regular checks and maintenance are necessary to ensure the refrigerant charge is at an optimal level for the efficient operation of the chiller.

Ambient temperature conditions play a significant role in the selection of a chiller unit. In hotter climates, a chiller unit may need to work harder to achieve the same cooling effect, impacting its efficiency and lifespan. It’s important to select a chiller designed to operate efficiently in the specific ambient conditions of the installation site.

Industrial compression chillers are used across many applications, including:

MRI machines, CT scanners, and other medical equipment require precise temperature control.

Food & Beverage
Chillers maintain consistent temperatures for food processing, storage, and transportation.

Injection moulding and extrusion processes require chillers to cool the plastic material and machinery.

HVAC Systems
Large commercial and industrial buildings use chillers for air conditioning and climate control.

Data Centres
Chillers maintain optimal temperatures for servers and other IT equipment.

The choice between industrial water chillers or oil chillers entirely depends on your application requirements. Industrial water chillers are typically more energy-efficient, cheaper, require less maintenance and provide better heat transfer, making them suitable for most businesses. However, oil chillers may be more suitable for applications with high-pressure demands, harsh environments, or those businesses that need a lot of lubrication and heat removed.

Cleveland Compressors have an extensive range of reliable, high-performing machines for industrial applications from some of Australia's leading brands. No matter your industry, Cleveland Compressors is bound to have the right air compressor equipment to suit your individual air demand needs. If you want to improve your manufacturing and production processes and incredible energy savings, all at the lowest cost, contact Australia's most reliable industrial solutions provider, Cleveland Compressed Air Services by calling (08) 9542 3669, emailing or contacting us online today!

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