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About us

We are Western Australia’s largest independent provider of compressor products and services. Specialising in sales, hire and service, Cleveland provides the best quality service, parts and products, helping businesses across the state by reducing the cost and time wastage associated with untimely breakdowns.

We pride ourselves as solution providers, not just as distributors of products, so whatever our client’s requirements, we deliver value for money and endeavor to provide the best possible solution from our vast, well-picked portfolio of products.



Rest assured, we adhere to the strictest industry rules and regulations, and maintain a stringent Occupational Health and Safety policy. With a vested interest in the community in which we operate, we are dedicated to carrying out our duties in an environmentally responsible manner at all times.


We take great pride in our work and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction in everything that we do. Every supply and install is certified and factory tested in real conditions to ensure the delivery of highly efficient and fully functional equipment. When our clients buy from Cleveland, they can be sure that they’re buying quality.


Cleveland Compressed Air Services aims to create a comprehensive Australia wide distribution network that will provide superior products, technical excellence and unrivaled service quality to our clients.


We understand that our success comes from our client’s success and when we show that we value and care about them we will never lack clients that want to work with us.

We believe commitment ignites action and there are two fundamental conditions for commitment. Firstly having a sound set of beliefs and secondly, faithful adherence to those beliefs. Therefore we believe in “persistence with a purpose”.

We want to be judged by what we do rather than what we say we will do. This applies not only to our relationship with our clients, workmates, family and supply partners but also provides us the opportunity to develop life skills and make better decisions.

We earn trust by demonstrating we are worthy of trust so we must always work ethically, professionally and safely, regardless of how hard it may be or what it may cost.

Innovation, development and quality are the foundations for our competitive advantage.

Social Responsibility
Our ethical behavior is part of all we do in providing service to clients, improving the quality of the lives of our workforce and their families, as well as contributing to the local community and society.