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Gas Generators

Looking to generate nitrogen from your air compressor? A nitrogen generator produces nitrogen molecules from compressed air, meaning you can minimise downtime with a constant supply of high purity nitrogen on-site. At Cleveland Compressed Air Services, we're experts in industrial compressor applications. Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to provide tailored solutions that cater to your unique needs. Let our team help you find a nitrogen generator solution right for you!

Gas Generators

Nitrogen gas generators produce high purity nitrogen gas directly from compressed air. This is useful for many industrial applications, from food production and pharmaceutical facilities to scientific laboratories.

A dedicated nitrogen generator is ideal for any business that needs a constant supply of their own nitrogen on-site. This eliminates the need for external suppliers and the associated delays. With a continuous supply of nitrogen readily available, you can optimise your production processes, achieve greater consistency in output quality, and enhance the overall efficiency of your operations.

At Cleveland Compressed Air Services, our nitrogen gas generators are cheap to run, easy to operate, and great for the environment. By harnessing the power of these generators, businesses can significantly reduce their operational costs while contributing to sustainable practices.

These devices should not be confused with natural gas generator products, which produce electricity from natural gas instead of petrol or diesel. As the leading Australian provider of air compressor products, we’re sure to have the perfect nitrogen gas generator for your business.

If you’re looking for a nitrogen generator – or any other compressed air system – for your business, please contact Cleveland Compressed Air Services today.


Leaving nitrogen gas bottles behind and transitioning to an on-site nitrogen generator is a strategic move for many businesses. Nitrogen tank rental often comes with many downsides. Firstly, the continuous cost of renting these tanks can quickly add up, making it an expensive cost in the long run. These tanks can be bulky and take up considerable space which could otherwise be utilised for more productive purposes. There’s also the looming health & safety risks associated with storing large volumes of compressed gas on premises. Whenever a tank runs out or malfunctions, businesses experience unwanted downtime, and the associated labour costs can be detrimental to your bottom line.

On the flip side, investing in an on-site nitrogen gas generator can offset all these concerns. With it, businesses can ensure a continuous, on-demand supply of high-purity nitrogen gas, eliminating the need for external deliveries and the associated logistics challenges. The move to on-site generation not only provides a more streamlined, efficient process but also leads to significant savings over time. Plus, having a dedicated nitrogen generator reduces potential hazards associated with gas bottle handling and storage. As a leading provider in the industry, Cleveland Compressed Air Services recommends that businesses seriously consider the benefits of having a nitrogen generator on-site, a decision that ultimately offers a blend of operational excellence, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

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Gas Generators

Frequently Asked Questions

A nitrogen gas generator is a special machine designed to separate nitrogen molecules from compressed air. As the most abundant gas on Earth, nitrogen has a wide range of potential applications.

Nitrogen generators, also known as nitrogen gas generators, utilise a process called pressure swing adsorption to provide safe access to low-pressure, ultra high purity nitrogen gas at an ambient temperature. This alleviates many of the serious concerns associated with the manual handling of heavy cylinders and large stored volumes.


If you're thinking about ordering a nitrogen gas generator, it's important to consider potential applications, energy usage, automation capabilities, analytics, peak demand, average usage, safety considerations, continuous supply ratings, and budget constraints, among other factors.

The technology used in natural gas generators plays a key role, with absorption and membrane systems both in wide use across Australia. Last but not least, the purity of nitrogen delivered by nitrogen generators is a vital consideration, with some businesses needing access to ultra-high-purity content.


These generators are used for a wide range of applications, including food and beverage production, chemical industries, electronics, metallurgy, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, fire protection, and glass production.

Absorption gas separation technology and membrane technology solutions are used across industry sectors to separate gas flow and produce nitrogen content. At Cleveland Compressed Air Services, we can perform an industry use and cost-benefit analysis to find the best nitrogen-generation solution for you.

Air-to-nitrogen production devices offer a range of advantages. Access to a clean and continuous flow of nitrogen is associated with reduced spoilage, reduced scrap and rework demands, increased safety, and enhanced process efficiency.

Absorption technology offers its own benefits, including high-purity nitrogen, low operating costs, and low environmental impacts. Membrane technology also has advantages, including simple module design, operational dependability, and cost savings.

Membrane technology also has advantages, including simple module design, operational dependability, and cost savings.

Membrane nitrogen generators use membrane technology to separate nitrogen from compressed air, while PSA nitrogen generators use carbon molecular sieve beds to adsorb oxygen and produce nitrogen.

Nitrogen is widely used in various industries for applications such as food packaging, electronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, laser cutting, and inert gas purging, among others.

Nitrogen generators can produce nitrogen with a purity ranging from 95% to 99.999% depending on the specific requirements of the application.

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