Parker Domnick Hunter CO2RP CO2 Free Generator

The Parker Domnick Hunter CO2RP range of CO2 free air laboratory gas generators is ideally suited for the supply of CO2 free air to applications such as purging of FT-IR spectrometers and TOC.


The generators utilise formulated molecular sieve beds in conjunction with the pressure swing absorption technique to remove carbon dioxide and water vapour from compressed air. Carbon dioxide is removed to levels below 1 ppm and water vapour is removed to a pressure dewpoint of –70°C or better.

The CO2 free air laboratory gas generator range incorporates Parker Domnick Hunter OIL-X plus inlet and outlet  filters to remove all suspended liquids. Particles greater than 0.01 micron in diameter are removed and condensates are automatically discharged by the inlet filter. Non-methane hydrocarbons are removed down to > 0.003 ppm. The generators are capable of operating with a compressed air supply pressure of between 4 barg and 10.5 barg.


  • Fully regenerative, proven durability PSA technology
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Integral OIL-X plus pre- and after filtration
  • Free standing or wall mountable
  • Tested and approved by TOC and FT-IR instrument manufacturers
  • Simple to install


  • Reduced Health and Safety administration – replace high pressure synthetic air cylinders
  • Extended instrument lifetime – protects sensitive optics and air bearings from moisture
  • Constant, guaranteed high purity – reduced signal to noise ratio gives improved instrument performance and increased laboratory efficiency
  • Space saving – compact design saves space
  • Peace of mind – service contracts and extended warranty available
  • Expert advice – over 20 years experience of PSA system design

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