CPA Triplex H Medical Vacuum System

Built on the foundation of industrial vacuum systems, these units feature a triple-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump with an IE3 motor and a vertically welded, vacuum-tight painted steel tank.


Designed in compliance with the stringent EN ISO 7396-1 Standard, the CPA Triplex H systems ensure top-notch performance and reliability. One of the key advantages is their energy efficiency: the system automatically optimises the switching on and off of the pumps according to the real-time vacuum demand, ensuring energy is used efficiently based on user needs.

Main features:

  • PLC control panel with touchscreen display in 8 selectable languages
  • Standard internet connection for remote access, with the PLC control panel easily accessible from PC and Smartphone
  • Remote assistance capability
  • Reading and downloading of sensor, alarm, and user login data
  • Data storage in memory
  • E-mail alerts
  • Sensors include plant vacuum switch, ammeter transducer, and room thermometer (optional: oil level switch, oil thermometer, oil separator filter pressure switch)
  • Customisable parameter management according to plant needs

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