Houghton Winery Reduce Compressed Air Demand


Cleveland Compressors Air Compressors (CCAS), a leading compressed air equipment supplier in Western Australia has provided quality service and advice Houghton Winery for the past 15  years.

In 2016, Houghton Winery engaged CCAS to conduct a compressed air energy audit on their existing compressed air system to understand their usage profile and to reduce energy demand, consumption, and overall business costs and improve productivity.

Details of the Audit:

CCAS conducted an audit at Houghton Wines and found that their compressed air demand was much higher during harvest which only lasts a few months a year – so most of the year the compressor was running offloaded and running inefficiently.


CCAS recommended the installation of CCAS proposed direct drive, variable speed Boge SLF 75 compressor, which would deliver long-term savings and improved efficiency.

Great results for Houghton Winery:

In Month 2016, CCAS installed a new direct drive, variable speed Boge SLF 75 compressor at the winery which has enabled the business to run both profiles without the wasted energy.

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Committed to the environment and health and safety, Cleveland has a vested interest in the community they operate in.

Why have a compressed air energy audit?

  • Understand your usage
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce energy consumption and overall business costs

If your current system isn’t running properly, you will be using more electricity than you need to be – wasting electricity is wasted money. A compressed air energy system will help you understand your usage profile enabling you to reduce your energy consumption and overall business costs, solve compressed air problems and improve productivity. A customised audit will investigate your compressed air system using industry specific equipment, processes and software to provide consistent and accurate results.

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