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What is the Difference Between a Vacuum Pump and an Air Compressor

What is the Difference Between a Vacuum Pump and an Air Compressor?

Vacuum pumps and air compressors both have numerous uses in our homes and transport, as well as in an extensive variety of industrial settings. But what does each one actually do? And what are the key differences between the two? We have put together this guide to help you learn…

the importance of air compressor maintenance

The Importance of Air Compressor Maintenance

An air compressor is an expensive investment in any production facility. With frequent usage, especially in high-performing businesses, it’s easy to forget that it needs routine maintenance to function effectively. Like all machinery, after extensive use, minor wear-and-tear issues can occur. However, if these problems are overlooked, they can develop…


Transair Wireless Technology powered by SCOUT™

Transair wireless technology powered by SCOUT Technology helps you keep your system healthy and operating efficiently. TransAir Wireless Technology Compressed Air System Condition Monitoring – Engineering your success. Advanced Compressed Air System Condition Monitoring Having accurate, timely readings on the performance of your compressed air piping system can mean the difference between identifying a problem before…


Mining Investment in Australia

Mining in Western Australia is big business and accounts for a sizeable percent of the State’s and Australia’s income from exports alone. The state of WA facilitated over one hundred mining projects and created jobs for over one hundred thousand people in the industry. Mining has transformed the area into…


Our range of compressed air dryers

At Cleveland Compressors, we are proud to offer a complete range of compressed air dryers from Parker Domnick Hunter. The range is divided into three types of compressed air dryers, namely: Refrigerated air dryers Desiccant air dryers Membrane dryers Not all compressed air dryers are created equal. Many manufacturers offer products for…


BOGE S4 Series – Built to Perform in the Mining Industry

The new S-4 BOGE screw air compressor is whisper-quiet with efficient operation, boasting innovative separator technology, simple maintenance and the best efficiency rates in their class!  Perfect for the Mining industry Low maintenance costs, minimum downtime Increased efficiency BOGE effilence lntegrateDrive airend Noise-optimised cooling air Low-speed radial fan Elasticated SilentMount…


Save Time and Money with HyperChill

HyperChill Industrial Process Chillers for Precision Cooling HyperChill Process Chillers are small and function easily to enable water temperature to be controlled. Each model is reilable and safe in all working conditions due to modern techonology used in the accessories and different options avalable depending on your business need. Each model has…


Our range of air treatment products

Compressed air is widely used in everyday life, both in the home and for industrial purposes. Many commercial and industrial companies rely on compressed air as the energy source that powers up pneumatically operated equipment and tools – food manufacturing companies that mix up granular products, aerate liquids and render…


Screw Compressors

As Western Australia’s largest independent provider of air compressors, compressor products and services, Cleveland Compressed Air Services in Perth is able to provide our customers with the right screw compressors for their needs, taking into consideration their process requirements. A screw compressor is a positive displacement rotary compressor, with two…


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