Screw Compressors

As Western Australia’s largest independent provider of air compressors, compressor products and services, Cleveland Compressed Air Services in Perth is able to provide our customers with the right screw compressors for their needs, taking into consideration their process requirements.

A screw compressor is a positive displacement rotary compressor, with two screw elements that are under continuous rotation. Due to the continuous rotation, there is very little pulsation of flow, which gives it a significant advantage over piston compressors.

Screw compressors are ideal for general industrial applications, and they are also used in high-end applications such as medical air, power plants, oil and gas, etc. They are more reliable and have higher availability than piston compressors, making them the ideal choice for regular use applications.

Here in Perth, Cleveland Compressed Air Services has partnered with premium and world renowned brands to bring our clients high quality, energy efficient screw compressors. Our screw compressors range includes the highly energy efficient, generation 3 S series from Boge (oil lubricated screw), the highly innovative and reliable LENTO series from Almig (oil free screw), as well as the Compact C and CL range from Boge (oil lubricated).

Whether you are running a small workshop or trying to cater for the requirements of your manufacturing business, our product line will have the right solution for you. Do not go for unreliable and cheap compressors when your process is at stake. With our fleet of technicians that are available 24/7, you can be sure that when you choose Cleveland Compressed Air Services, we will do the right thing by you – every time.

Our customers are important to us, and here at Cleveland Compressed Air Services, we pride ourselves on being solution providers, not just distributors of products. This means that no matter what your requirement is, we will always endeavour to provide you with the best possible fit from our vast and well picked portfolio. More importantly, all our screw compressors are manufactured in Germany, and are renowned for their build quality and reliability, both in local and international markets.

Is your business located in Perth? Are you in the market for high quality, reliable screw compressors? Telephone Cleveland Compressed Air Services on +61 8 9452 3669 or fill in our online enquiry form, and let us help you find the right screw compressor for your process.

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