ALMiG Lento Screw Compressor


Screw compressors of the oil-free ALMiG LENTO series deliver maximum cost-effectiveness in compressed air treatment by precisely matching the volume flow to the exact compressed air requirement and through low compressed air outlet temperatures and minimised service and maintenance costs.

Not only is there a demand for high-quality, 100 % oil-free compressed air in the pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, electrical engineering and medical industries, but wherever products of the highest quality are produced. Therefore ALMiG’s oil-free compressors of the LENTO series deliver maximum compressed air quality in highly sensitive areas of use.
Only water, the most natural of all raw materials, is used in the compression process. This produces:

  • Clean, environmentally sound compressed air without oil; dust particles are drawn in are washed out by the water.
  • Clean condensate – pure water – can be discharged directly into the sewer system.
  • Very low temperatures during compression thanks to excellent heat transfer via the water. Only tiny amounts of energy are therefore used to generate compressed air.

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