BOGE P LR Piston Compressor (Up to 1.5kW)

BOGE P LR Piston Compressor (Up to 1.5kW)

BOGE Piston Compressor P LR up to 1.5 kW is highly reliable, versatile and maintenance-friendly. This oil-lubricated piston air compressor is ideal for industrial use with a 100% duty cycle.



  • Piston air compressor technology that sets standards.
  • Piston compressor oil-lubricated, on a compressed air receiver.
  • BOGE’s Piston Compressor P LR up to 1.5 kW brings together its concentrated expertise in the construction of piston compressors.
  • The tried and tested, uniform design principle puts the priority on quality and durability – be it in the skilled trades sector or industry.
  • Whether mounted on a receiver or functioning as a duplex system.
  • Thanks to the versatile modular structure, the BOGE Piston Compressor P LR up to 1.5 kW offers a wide range of options for upgrading.
  • State of the art and thus extremely future-proof!
  • All models are also available as an ultra sound-insulated version.


  • 100% duty cycle (S1)
  • High ambient temperature
  • Industrial quality
  • Low maintenance
  • Directly coupled
  • With receiver


  • V-Principle – The tried-and-tested technology means that all models in the series are particularly compact.
  • Motor – In addition to standard motors, single-phase 230-V motors are also available for other applications.
  • Directly Coupled – The unit comprising the compressor and drive motor ensures non-wearing operation, low power consumption and even more compact dimensions.
  • Cylinder – The cylinders with large fins feature material-optimised, corrosion-resistant tracks. The low piston speed reduces wear and extends the service life.


  • For over 100 years, sturdy BOGE piston compressors have been the backbone of your compressed air supply – in both skilled trades and industry alike.
  • The secret of their high reliability and performance partly lies in the fact that only high-quality components are used, keeping maintenance to a minimum and allowing use at ambient temperatures of up to 40 °C.


  • Cutting-edge technologies and enhanced details, such as the enlarged oil inlet (for quick and easy maintenance), keep
  • BOGE’s tried-and-tested Piston Compressor P LR up to 1.5 kW ahead of the field.
  • The latest models are particularly sturdy and durable thanks to their high-precision manufacture with minimal tolerances and extensive quality.


  • The modular structure means that you can choose a compressor and a tank size to suit your compressed air system.
  • Whether a free-standing unit, mounted on a tank or a duplex system, this versatility allows flexible use tailored to requirements.
  • All compressors are suitable for continuous operation – and designed for unlimited operating cycles.
  • There are also 230-V/single phase models available.


  • The V-principle is the DNA of the entire series.
  • This tried-and-tested design enables a highly compact, narrow structure of the compressors.
  • The optimised cooling air hood, narrow smooth-bore tube cooler and the high-quality fan flywheel ensure that the compressor heat is quickly diverted away.
  • This keeps the temperature of the compressed air constantly low and the quality accordingly high.

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