Parker Hannifan Finite® FDD Desiccant Air Dryer

Parker Hannifin Finite® FDD Desiccant Air Dryer

Parker’s Finite FDD Desiccant Air Dryer Series is the simplest and most reliable method of ensuring sensitive pneumatic equipment is not exposed to damaging moisture.



  • Finite® Filter’s unique in-line air/gas dryer system is engineered for easy desiccant changeouts, longer life and lower pressure drop.
  • The FDD Series is designed to remove water vapour and aerosols at point-of-use for intermittent flows up to 60 SCFM.
  • Finite air dryers do not require steady flow for constant dewpoint suppression.
  • A colour-changing moisture indicator with visual sight gauge indicates the need for desiccant replacement.
  • Parker Hannifin Finite® FDD Series offers clean dry air for intermittent usage. When air is compressed, the temperature of the air is increased as is its capacity to hold moisture.
  • As the hot moist air travels downstream through the pipelines, it cools, allowing the moisture to condense.
  • Aftercoolers, filters, drain traps and drip legs are effective for removing condensate.
  • For removing residual water vapour and aerosols, use the Finite desiccant dryer.


  • 1/4″ to 1″ NPT Ports
  • Capacities to 60 SCFM
  • Pressure Dewpoints Down to -40° F
  • Steel Bowl with Integral Sight Glass
  • Zinc Head
  • Sintered Bronze Elements with Collar Connect for Easy Changeouts (prevents desiccant carry over)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 180°F
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 300 PS
  • Optimum Working Temperature: Below 100°F


  • Intermittent Air Use
  • Clean, Dry Air for Pneumatic Applications
  • Protect Instrumentation
  • Protect Air Tools Against Gumming and Oxidation
  • Auto Body Paint Systems – Helps Prevent Fish Eye Defects
  • Valve Actuation – Instrument Air

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