Our range of compressed air dryers

At Cleveland Compressors, we are proud to offer a complete range of compressed air dryers from Parker Domnick Hunter. The range is divided into three types of compressed air dryers, namely:

  • Refrigerated air dryers
  • Desiccant air dryers
  • Membrane dryers

Not all compressed air dryers are created equal. Many manufacturers offer products for the filtration and purification of contaminated compressed air that have been selected based only upon their initial purchase cost, with little or no regard for the air quality they provide, the cost of operation throughout their life or indeed their environmental impact.

Here at Cleveland Compressors, we believe that compressed air dryers should always deliver uncompromising performance and reliability while providing the right balance of air quality with the lowest cost of operation, and we are pleased to confirm that all of our products have been selected with this in mind.

Domnick Hunter Refrigerated Air Dryers

What is refrigeration drying?

The use of refrigeration drying for compressed air treatment has been tested and proven for many industrial applications. Dewpoints of 3°C to 10°C have been found to be suitable for many indoor applications, where a general removal of bulk water and some vapour is sufficient for the end user’s process.

Refrigerated air dryers can be used at low pressures as well as high pressures, and use no processed compressed air during the air treatment. They have also undergone many improvements to make them more energy efficient without sacrificing the quality of the air provided. Refrigerated air dryers use a set of heat exchangers or a single heat exchanger (with chambers) first to pre-cool the air; second, to refrigerate the air to condense out moisture vapour; and last, to re-heat the air to prevent pipe sweating downstream.

Our refrigerated air dryers:

  • Parker Hiross Starlette Plus Dryers (Up to 360 M3/H)
  • Domnick Hunter Polestar Smart Refrigerated Air Dryers (450-10,800 M3/H)
  • Domnick Hunter Polestar Smart High Pressure Dryers (180-7200 M3/H)

Domnick Hunter Desiccant Air Dryers

What is adsorption drying?

Drying compressed air through adsorption represents a purely physical process in which water vapour (adsorbate) is bound to the drying medium (adsorbent) through binding forces of molecular adhesion. Adsorbents are solids in spherical and granular form that are permeated by an array of pores. Because water vapour is deposited onto the internal and external surface of the adsorption medium without the formation of chemical compounds taking place, the adsorption medium does not have to be replenished but only periodically regenerated.

There are several types of adsorption desiccant air dryers, including heatless desiccant air dryers, externally heated desiccant air dryers, blower purge desiccant air dryers and vacuum assisted heatless desiccant air dryers. Cleveland Compressors deals in three types of desiccant dryers based on their application: modular, point of use and twin tower.

Our modular desiccant dryers:

  • Domnick Hunter modular desiccant air dryers (heatless, heated, blower purge and vacuum assist zero purge)
  • Domnick Hunter
  • Zander desiccant air dryers (4 SCFM and larger)

Our point of use desiccant dryers:

  • The FDD desiccant dryer series

Our twin tower desiccant dryers:

  • The AIRTEK series (heatless, heated, blower purge and high pressure)
  • BALSTON Regenerative PSA desiccant air dryers
  • ZANDER twin tower desiccant dryers (heatless, heated, blower purge)

Membrane Dryers

Membrane material that is selectively permeable to water vapour is an excellent medium for producing dry air from standard compressed air. Water vapour from the compressed air supply passes through the hollow fibres of the membrane.

At the same time, a small portion of the dry air product is redirected along the length of the fibres to sweep out the water vapour-laden air that has permeated the membrane. The moisture-laden sweep gas is then vented to the atmosphere, and clean, dry air is supplied to the application.

Our membrane air dryers:

  • Parker Balston membrane air dryers

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