The different types of oil lubricated air compressors

An air compressor is a machine that converts power into kinetic energy by compressing and pressurising atmospheric air. This air is then released for use in tooling, instrumentation and other process applications as an energy source.

Compressed air is sometimes referred to as the fourth utility in industry, due to its widespread use. Among its many functions are pneumatics (the use of pressurised gases to produce mechanical motion), as an energy storage medium, breathing (in scuba diving) and inflating buoyancy devices, air start systems in engines, filing tires, and as medical air and surgical air in hospitals.

As the name suggests, oil lubricated compressors use a special type of air compressor oil, of which there are a number of synthetically manufactured formats. In order to meet the different requirements of our customers, we are proud to have a range of oil lubricated air compressors, which we will look at in further detail here:

BOGE Screw Compressors

Precisely working single components along with complex system solutions are some of the reasons why BOGE Screw Compressors are quality products in demand. Technically mature – from the idea to their customer specific use – BOGE compressors incorporate reliable precision next to the highest quality standards and are never shipped until they have successfully passed the strictest quality controls. Our range can be divided into several categories, including:

  • Hydraulic circuit: water tank, immersed evaporator and pump with bypass to provide a compact and easy to install solution.
  • Electronic controllers with proprietary software provide access to all the parameters of the units and allow special management for any specific need.
  • BOGE Oil Injected Screw Compressors (8, 10 & 13 bar)
  • C Series
  • CL Series
  • S Series
  • SL Series

BOGE Piston Compressors

Like BOGE Screw Compressors, BOGE Piston Compressors carry the same reputation as high quality, reliable products. Our range for these oil lubricated air compressors include:

  • BOGE Oil Injected Piston Compressors (10, 15 & 35/40 bar)
  • SRD 125 and 250 Series
  • SBD 125 and 250 Series
  • SRD 350 – 1000 Series
  • SBD 350 – 1000 Series
  • SR 270 – SR 2600 Series
  • SB 270 – SB 2600 Series
  • SC Series
  • RM 2500 – 6200 / RH 2400 – 2830 Series
  • SRMV / SRHV Booster Compressors

SOLIDair Screw Compressors

Every SOLIDair Screw Compressor comes with a clear promise: maximum performance and long service life at the best price! The screw compressor range of the SOLIDscrew series successfully bundles the company’s long years of engineering experience, their sophisticated machine design and their standard electronic control stand, ensuring efficient operation. Add to that their high quality materials and what you have is an oil lubricated air compressor that provides a long service life, good reliability and lasting advantages to its users.

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