BOGE C DR 3 Screw Compressor (Up to 11kW)

BOGE C DR 3 Screw Compressor (Up to 11kW)

Compact screw compressor with refrigerant dryer mounted on a compressed air receiver, oil lubricated.


Wherever space plays a role, the BOGE C (D)R series comes into its own, because its small footprint allows it to be installed at the workplace, right where it is needed. Each of the individual elements – from the receiver to the optional refrigerant dryer and oil/water separator – come ready assembled and are delivered as a compact unit, ready for connection. In addition, the super silenced sound insulation ensures particularly quiet running. The pre-assembled pipework ensures that both the installation work and space required are kept to an absolute minimum.


  • Compact design
  • Refrigerant dryer included
  • With receiver
  • Extremely quiet

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