Parker Hiross PoleStar Smart High-Pressure Refrigerated Air Dryer

Parker Hiross PoleStar Smart High-Pressure Refrigerated Air Dryer

PoleStar Smart refrigeration dryers have been designed for the efficient removal of water from compressed air.


Equipped with the patented SmartSave energy-saving feature PoleStar Smart refrigeration dryers continually and precisely modulates its mode of operation to meet prevailing operating conditions, resulting in accurate dew-point monitoring with corresponding aligned power consumption.

Furthermore, indirect cost savings, reducing the “hidden costs” of pressure drop are maximised by the use of a patented “all-in-one” aluminium heat-exchanger-SmartPack. Here the provision of large open channels and no-interconnecting pipe-work enables the free, uninterrupted passage of air through the dryer, resulting in pressure drops second to none.


  • Direct-expansion type refrigeration system
  • Volume flows up to 21600 m³/h @ 7 barg (PoleStar Smart) or 7200 m³/h @ 40 barg (PoleStar Smart HP)
  • Energy-saving feature
  • All models supplied with refrigerant R407C
  • Suitable for all compressed air applications
  • Suitable for all compressor types, including variable flow


  • The most energy-efficient compressed air fridge dryer
  • Low pressure drops for lower operational costs
  • Cost of ownership reduced
  • Significantly contributes to the indirect reduction of CO2 into the environment

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