Parker Zander K-MT Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer

Parker Zander K-MT Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer

Parker Zander Heatless Compressed K-MT 1-8 Series are compact, heatless compressed air dryers for applications requiring volume flows up to 86m³/h @ 7 barg and dew points of -40°C (-25°C and -70°C options).



  • The Parker Zander K-MT 1-8 range of heatless adsorption air dryers are designed to dry industrial compressed air reliably and efficiently down to a pressure dew point of -40°C (-25°C and -70°C options available).
  • The units are compact and can be installed either free-standing or wall-mounted.
  • They come equipped with integrated high-performance OIL-X pre-and after filtration and are capable of volume flows up to 86 m³/h in a system operating at 7 barg (100 psig).


  • Pressure dew points down to -40°C (-25°C and -70°C options available)
  • Volume flows up to 86 m³/h @ 7 barg (100 psig)
  • High-performance pre-and after filters installed as standard
  • Energy-saving dew point dependent switching (DDS) as an option
  • Highest quality air
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Energy efficient
  • Very flexible due to a wide range of options and accessories


  • Parker Zander K-MT dryers provide a constant outlet dewpoint in accordance with ISO8573-1 classes 1, 2 or 3 for water vapour.
  • Parker K-MT dryers provide an outlet dewpoint that inhibits the growth of micro-organisms (allowing their efficient reduction using filtration).
  • Parker K-MT dryers use clean, dry purge air for regeneration, eliminating any risk of damage to the adsorption bed or re-contamination of the downstream compressed air.
  • No heat is used for regeneration; therefore, no insulation is required and loss of dewpoint on column changeover due to inefficient cool down is eliminated.
  • Parker K-MT dryers include Parker OIL-X High Efficiency Coalescing prefiltration and General
  • Purpose Dry Particulate post filtration as standard.
  • Fitted with Parker Multitronic electronic control with the option of dewpoint display and dewpoint switching Energy Saving Technology.


  • Where an application calls for a unit able to cope with variations in operating pressure and load, the installation of a dew point sensor at the outlet of the dryer is available as an option.
  • In such an operating mode, the changeover cycle between chambers only takes place when required, and is dependent on the required dew point being achieved. Only upon reaching this adjustable set dew point, does changeover to the regenerated chamber occur.
  • This feature enables the drying phase to be lengthened and thus avoids the unnecessary use of purge air for regeneration and consequently provides energy savings.
  • Compressed air can be selectively dried to meet a dew point of -25°C down to -70°C.


  • To ensure quoted air purity performance is met, a compressed air dryer must be sized correctly for minimum operating pressure, maximum inlet temperature and maximum inlet flow rate using the correction factors found in the Product Information Sheet.

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