Parker Zander ZMX Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer

Parker Zander ZMX Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer


Parker Zander ZMX heatless desiccant air dryer utilises high tensile extruded aluminium columns containing twin chambers each filled with desiccant materials which dry the compressed air as it passes through. One chamber is operational (drying), while the opposite chamber is regenerating using the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA or Heatless) method of regeneration.

A small volume of the dried compressed air is used to regenerate the desiccant bed by expanding air from line pressure to atmospheric pressure, removing the water adsorbed by the desiccant material, and therefore
regenerating the dryer. Using ZANDER Microfilter pre and after filters will further increase the reliability of the

The modular design eliminates the need for complex valves and interconnecting piping which is used in conventional
twin tower dryers.

ZANDER’s unique modular construction means that extra banks can easily be added if air demand increases. Multibanking of dryers enables individual banks to be easily isolated for routine maintenance work, or even a
decrease in air capacity requirements (e.g. night shift). This means no interruption to your clean, dry air supply.


  • Protects your compressed air system – A moisture-free system will increase the reliability of production processes, giving better quality finished products and preventing damage to the compressed air system.
  • Reliable performance – Long-life pneumatic cylinder valves provide reliable switching, and high-quality desiccant ensures stable dewpoint performance.
  • Energy-efficient – With low differential pressure and a reliable energy management system cost-effective operation is assured.
  • Space-saving – Advanced aluminium forming technology makes ecodryMAX typically half the size and weight of traditional twin tower dryers, taking up less floor space and making installation easy.
  • Modular design – ZANDER’s unique modular construction means that extra banks can easily be added if air demand increases.
  • High quality clean dry compressed air – Used in conjunction with ZANDER Microfilters, ecodryMAX will deliver air at -40F (-40C) pressure dewpoint as standard, in accordance with ISO 8573.1 :2001 class 3.2.1.

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