RDHP Series – Refrigeration High Pressure Compressed Air Dryers

RDHP series (high pressure dryers for compressed air systems up to 50 barg) makes the most of manufacturing and functional advantages of heat exchangers, designed for high pressure working conditions.


Drying is achieved on the principle of cooling which takes place with highly efficient three stage air thermal management.

Excellent performance with low pressure drop and constant pressure dew point is standard on this series. Robustness, simple and ergonomic component layout guarantees functionality and efficiency.

Characteristics of high pressure refrigeration dryers

 operating pressure  50 bar
 max. ambient temp.  1,5 to 45 °C
 pressure dew points  °C
 flow rate  20 to 950 Nm3/h
 refrigerant  R134a
 type of cooling  air cooled


• High pressure compressed air systems

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