Advanced technology for oil-free compressed air.

AQUAAIR provides high-quality screw-compressors for compressing atmospheric air.

Innovative, safe, clean and energy-efficient. Made in Germany

ModelMotor RatingVolume Flow RateNoise Level
APA0 5.5-FU5.5kW900 l/min65 dB (A)
APA0 7.5-FU7.5kW1340 l/min68 dB (A)
APA0 11-FU11kW1795 l/min68 dB (A)
APA0 15-FU15Kw2446 l/min68 dB (A)
APA0 18-FU18 kW3063 l/min68 dB (A)
APA0 22-FU22kW3762 l/min68 dB (A)
APW0 45-FU45kW7450 l/min62 dB (A)
APW0 55-FU55kW8950 l/min65 dB (A)
APW0 75-FU75kW11600 l/min68 dB (A)
APW0 90-FU90 kW14600 l/min68 dB (A)
APW0 110-FU110 kW17200 l/min70 dB (A)


Specifications (5.5 to 11 kW)Download
Specifications (15 to 22 kW)Download
Specifications (45 to 110 kW)Download

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