Sullair VOC 110 Screw Compressor

Sullair VOC 110 Screw Compressor


Australia’s trusted Sullair VOC 110 Screw Compressors are designed in Australia to meet the demanding Australian conditions and offer significant energy savings and reliability.

Variable speed drive and variable output control technology, combine motor speed regulation and effective compression length to adapt to changes in air demand. Compared to constant speed compressors, the Sullair VOC 110 Screw Compressor can deliver up to 30% power savings at 50% load – saving you thousands of dollars in yearly energy costs.

Sullair VOC 110 Screw Compressor machines are rated to operate in extremely dusty and humid 50°C ambient temperatures. The air end fitted to these machines is globally recognised as a first-class component with an extremely long life expectancy when serviced in accordance to the operations and maintenance manual. The electrical and mechanical components used in this range have a proven track record for providing superior reliability in severe conditions. Ideal for heavy industrial use.


  • Spiral valve controlled Airend saves energy and money
  • Maintains a more constant system pressure
  • Built for easy servicing
  • Customisable features
  • IP65 electrical enclosure suitable for outdoor use
  • Intelligent Champion Electronic Controller
  • Remote monitoring options

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