Plant Management Systems

AirtelligenceProvis 2.0

The new airtelligenceprovis 2.0 is one of the most innovative controls on the market and at the same time very easy to operate. Up to 16 compressors – rigid or frequency controlled, from BOGE or other manufacturers – and in addition accessories like dryers, condensate separators, filters, blowers, valves etc. can easily be connected and they are switched very efficiently by the demand-based global control. The 9″ TFT-colour display with touch function enables the intuitive operation and displays parameters clearly.

airtelligenceprovis 2.0 is INTUITIVE.
– high-quality 9″ TFT-colour display with LED backlight and touch function
– carry out settings with a tap of the fingertip
– intuitive operation

airtelligenceprovis 2.0 is INTELLIGENT.
– demand-based control of all connected compressors
– selection of the optimal compressor combination based on the real compressed air extraction
– optimization of duty cycles/idle times and prevention of energy-intensive overcompression

airtelligenceprovis 2.0 is VERSATILE.
– controls up to 16 rigid or frequency controlled compressors
– in addition up to 24 more accessory components
– from BOGE or other manufacturers

airtelligenceprovis 2.0 is IMPRESSIVE.
– browser-based visualisation
– ethernet interface for the integration into the existing server structure
– trend displays of the pressure profile, the compressor status, the volume flow, the pressure dewpoint etc. directly on your PC-screen
– optional with additional visualisation possibilities, such as an extensive alarm management, possibility of remote monitoring with analysis and evaluation of data via data export etc.

airtelligenceprovis 2.0 is UNCOMPLICATED.

Start-up via Modbus-scan
– simple start-up via Modbus-scan for the automatic and quick identification of compressors and accessory components
– time saving by means of database processing request of the compressor’s nominal values

Updates via USB-stick
– Updates can easily be installed without PC via USB
– Preconfiguration of profiles for the easy start-up is possible via USB

The new airtelligenceprovis 2.0 of BOGE is easy to operate but hard to surpass!



BOGE airstatus: Monitoring + Servicing!

BOGE airstatus controls and analyses your compressed air stations – from anywhere at all in the whole world. BOGE airstatus monitors the status of up to 32 components to promote efficient and fault-free compressed air production.

Using the BOGE airstatus web portal – with secure access log-in – you will have all your system data at your fingertips. Your compressed air production can be evaluated at any time and optimised immediately if necessary. The BOGE airstatus APP allows you to observe the status of your compressed air supply flexibly on your smartphone. Whether you use the app or the web, you will have your perfectly functioning BOGE compressors firmly under control.

BOGE airstatus – efficient control for your benefit:

  • Fault and maintenance indicator, remote data polling, server-based data retention for up to 24 months, web visualisation
  • Modbus RTU data transfer
  • Easy commissioning through ModbusScan
  • Process data communication via GSM/GPRS/real-time Ethernet
  • Data display in the airstatus web portal and/or in the APP: status, maintenance messages, temperature, pressures etc.
  • APP for iOS and Android operating systems
  • User and client management
  • Alarm management by email/SMS
  • Easy to install: ModbusScan to detect each of the compressors and components, time-consuming data entry or parameterisation is a thing of the past.


One BOGE airstatus, five BOGE service packages.

Boost the efficiency of your BOGE compressed air station. With BOGE airstatus, lucrative service packages can be combined on request. This saves you valuable time and money!

BOGE airstatus service package 1: local monitoring

  • Server-based internet link
  • Package includes: Hardware + portal use + APP

BOGE airstatus service package 2: mobile monitoring

  • Mobile SIM card link (D/EU)
  • Package includes: Hardware + SIM card + portal use + APP

BOGE airstatus service package 3: premium monitoring

  • Server-based internet link
  • Package includes: Hardware + portal use + APP + iPhone 4S
  • Mobile SIM card link (optional)

BOGE airstatus service package 4: premium maintenance

  • Server-based internet link
  • Package includes: Hardware + portal use + APP
  • Premium maintenance contract
  • Mobile SIM card link (optional)

BOGE airstatus service package 5: proactive maintenance

  • Server-based internet link
  • Package includes: Hardware + portal use + APP
  • Bestcair warranty extension for proactive maintenance contracts
  • Mobile SIM card link (optional)

We also provide control options for smaller compressed air systems with provisions for 3 or 6 compressors.

Contact us for more information and we will help you choose the most suitable and cost-effective option.

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