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Oil Lubricated Air Compressors

There are many types of oil lubricated air compressors on the market to choose from  and they all come in various sizes and types.  In a lubricated air compressor oil is delivered to the bearings and cylinders walls to ensure it continues to rotate.

The benefits of oil lubricated compressors include durability, capability to work in extreme environments, longer life spans and better protection against interior rust. However, they do have what is known as “oil carryover”, where a portion of the lubricant comes out with the compressed air. Our oil lubricated models also require re-oiling, oil changes and are heavier.

Here at Cleveland Compressed Air Services, our selection of quality oil lubricated air compressors includes:

Piston compressors start up quickly and can be left idle for long periods of time. They are usually used in smaller factories and workshops with some use in specialised high pressure applications. Small piston compressors are easy to maintain and cheaper than many of their counterparts. The bigger range is very expensive to maintain and operate. Screw compressors are used in situations where there is a larger air demand. They are known for their durability, consistently high output and acceptable operating volume level. Although they are generally more expensive than piston compressors, screw compressors do use less energy, are more reliable and, if properly maintained, can be left to run constantly.

BOGE Screw

BOGE Piston

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